Technology transfer office

Our mission is to promote the transfer of NED University ready to commercialize technologies for society’s use and benefit while generating unrestricted income to further support research and education. Technology Transfer Office receives invention disclosures from faculty, staff and students. TTO at ORIC evaluate these disclosures for their commercial possibilities, and when possible license them to industry. If the inventions are successfully licensed, cash royalties collected by ORIC provide funding to the inventors' departments and schools, as well as personal shares for the inventors themselves. Technology is typically transferred through an agreement in which NED grants to a third party a license to use NED’s intellectual property rights in the defined technology with exclusive/non-exclusive rights.

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Technology Transfer process at NED University

Intellectual property office

The intellectual property office at ORIC is established to manage inventions created by faculty, staff and students. The office provides complete management from evaluation to protecting the inventions.

When you submit an Invention Disclosure Form to the IPO section of ORIC, it is assigned to a IP Manager  within one week of submission.  Each disclosure is then evaluated for commercial potential and patentability by Technology Transfer Office.  Factors we consider in evaluating the commercial potential of an invention include:

problems solved or unmet needs addressed by the technology

potential applications

market size

potential competitors/partners

potential challenges to patenting and commercialization

With input from the steering committee of ORIC , inventors, assessment of patentability is performed by the technology transfer manager in consultation with patent attorneys and/or literature search specialists. The technology Transfer Manager will contact you to determine next steps, whether that is filing a patent or pursue other forms of protection.

IP section at ORIC will provide filling services for the following:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Design