1. Title: Bookistan

Members: Muhammad Hammad Ul Haque

Brief Description: Bookistan is an online platform where users can TRADE books with each other. Apart from trading they can also sell their used books at minimal rates. A vast variety of new books will also be available with the comparison of prices as well. The idea is basically to establish a book trading environment in Pakistan with study related videos or courses which can help people learn through our website.

2. Title: TECHCITE

Members: Amna Ejaz, Ahsan Khan, Osama Ahmed, Faria Ejaz, Sarrah Hussain

Brief Description: Techcite is a video studio specialized at video making, editing, animation and customization. It will be a one stop shop for all kind of video related demands thereby meeting the requirements of all national and international clients. This business will only employ highly skilled videography expert students of university providing them a chance of employment and advancement of skillset at student level.

3. Title: Online store for Green Construction Materials

Members: Idrees, Abbas, Raza, Sadia, Rizwan

Brief Description: An online portal where architects, engineers, contractors and clients can easily look for the building materials, their specifications, and other details, and then order them online. Our products are limited to Green Construction Materials, which are energy efficient, material efficient, durable and enhance indoor air quality. The reason for developing an online portal is not only selling out products, but also to create awareness for Green construction in Pakistan. Moreover, an online access would help end clients to look for available solutions in the market by themselves, rather than relying on contractors. This would enhance material selection process during projects.

4. Title: DIY NED Club

Members: Khizrum

Brief Description: Startup is responsible to hold workshops on DIY application on various fields like Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering and etc. separately or together. This way our events could be general or specified based upon public interest.

5. Title: Mobile painter

Members: Fayyaz

Brief Description: Startup is based on an invention of a painting machine that can be used to paint a entire house in just 2 to 3 hours without creating any mess. The device can be used commercially as well. This device also won first prize in DICE VIC'16.

6. Title: CARES

Members: Hafiz Syed Ali Hassan, Syed M. Shahan Zaki, Muhammad Suban Farrukh, Muhammad Moeed, Hamza Tahir, Zahra Irshad, Muhammad Ubaid Sahab, Nizrah Moin

Brief Description: Utility services providers

7. Title: Workflic

Members: Fahad Ahmed, Abdullah Zaheer, Faizan Tahir

Brief Description: Aim of our startup is to cater the small business owners that require marketing of their businesses or local service providers that aim to deliver door to door services. Like olx where you can sell stuff, at workflick you can sell your services.

8. Title: Bend the Trend

Members: Fariz-ul-hassan, Hammad H Soherwardy, Neeha Binte Hassan, Fatima Mazher

Brief Description: A website which will involve portal system and would provide every middle price product's marketer a platform to sell his product while giving us our share for giving him this platform and saving his expenses of marketing his product and other expenses too.

9. Title: Robotics World

Members: Mehtab Anwar Khalid, Marium Fazal, Haseeb Sheikh, Haseeb  Zubair, Laghari Zahid Hussain

Brief Description: ROBOTICS-WORLD PVT Ltd is a Stem Education and robotics company focused on evolving technological advancement in Pakistan by providing facilities in the Field of 3D printing to Educational Institutes and Industries to help them grow and advance effectively.

10. Title: Centauri

Members: Dr Mohammad Ali, Muhammad Alam, Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Owais, Dr Saman Hina

Brief Description: The main motive is to provide our potential customers with a one-stop solution to a broad range of their needs. The customers will be able to design their own customized product (for example household or office furniture) and place orders online. They will be assisted during the entire process by means of 'supplier recommendations'.

11. Title: EFFECT

Members: Dr Mohammad Ali, Dr Saman Hina

Brief Description: We have a novel design pertaining to a washing machine which can be used to wash very low to high washing loads with minimum use of washing liquor. The design also allows less aggressive washing of delicate articles.

12. Title: Greensun

Members: Hassam ur Rehman, Zubair Rehman

Brief Description: Provide sustainable energy solutions for homes and industries.

13. Title: Xmart Shoes

Members: Shammer Hussain, Nabeel Zaheer, Muhammad Fahad

Brief Description: XMart Shoe or Smart Shoe is nothing but a simple and magic shoe through which one can easily calculate how much calories he/she are burnt while running, jogging or walking. It will also provide a way to charge your electronic devices.

14. Title: ELCAP Technologies

Members: Muhammad Adeen Tariq, Rafey Iqbal Rahman, Aqsa Naz, Ali Haider

Brief Description: This product will prevent electricity from being stolen and at the same time inform the authorities about the dishonest customer.

15. Title: LPG Recovery

Members: Saeed Ahmed, Muhammad Asad, Arman Bari, Syed Saad Azeem

Brief Description: In refinery some waste gases are flared off which are converted to CO2 and H2O. These gases contain some amount of LPG in them. Our project aims at the recovery of these LPG contents which may give a recovery up to 200 barrels per day. The project's capital cost is nearly 10 million rupees which will be recovered within 3 years.

16. Title: Just Go

Members: Aliyan Viyani

Brief Description: For Super markets who have a problem of frustrated customers waiting at long lines for checkout, Just Go is a self-checkout kiosk that will provide fast, easy, automated and secure checkouts unlike the currently used manually operated checkouts, the product allows plastic money customers to checkout through self-service.


Members: Hassan Baig, Farwa Batool, Sania Naqvi

Brief Description: Website to compare prices of electronic items

18. Title: OPENMIC

Members: Asra Rizwan

Brief Description: Startup to bring educate youth of communication and presentation


Members: Kanza Batool Haider

Brief Description: A campus company gave an insight to NEDians to cycle around NED and commutes their distances in short time using an automatic and monetized cycle networking service.

20. Title: EDVON

Members: Mohammad Nabeel

Brief Description: Stem education based consultancy