1. Title: DEGHJEE

Members: Syed Saif Ali

Brief Description: an online Food service provider for parties and large events.

2. Title: TABEEB

Members: Maryam

Brief Description: An app based startups to connect doctors with patients

3. Title: Mega Spark Innovations

Members: Mustafa Nizami

Brief Description: An automatic robotic arm to wash motorcycle in one minute leading to reduced time, water and money.

4. Title: GEN-C-Automobile Parts

Members: Mohsin

Brief Description: Customized eco-friendly auto parts manufacturer locally made with low cost

5. Title: TCW- Train to Change the World

Members: Zarmeena

Brief Description: Committed to provide healthy life style

6. Title: BEETEE

Members: Tehreem

Brief Description: Customized scrubs and PPE for medical industry

7. Title: Utech

Members: Unais

Brief Description: An educational startup to provide customized and affordable trainings for kids

8. Title: Bees

Members: Dr Farrukh

Brief Description: a virtual energy audit mechanism