Activities at a Glance

ORIC-NEDUET organizes and facilities various activities not only on student level but faculty level as well. The Office has also been reaching out to institutions all over Pakistan for collaborative efforts.

ORIC-NEDUET launches Research Internship Program

Office of Research Innovation has introduced highly-selective program that provides the interns with the opportunity to work on a research project with NED University’s leading faculty and researchers on various engineering disciples and social sciences. This program provides an intellectually stimulating environment and exposes the students to the world of research. This is a multi-disciplinary program covering over 15 research areas.

Applications began on October’16 and around 60 students and 20 faculty members applied. Screening of interns in the first phase was conducted by ORIC through interviews and in second phase, the research faculty themselves.

The program is ongoing and by the end of 100 days completion, the research faculty shall be provided with the progress sheet to indicate the research progress and level of satisfaction with the intern, on the basis of which the intern shall be awarded with the Research Internship experience Certificate from ORIC.

ORIC-CINETIC Startup Street

Startup Street was planned onto give the incubates a chance to market their product and service on the campus with a complete free hand to demonstrate. This 3 days laid down street was made sure by the incubates that they don’t miss out a chance to reveal the marketer inside of them. Starting from 18th October , the startup street was decorated for three consecutive days. Guests from outside also visited to see the young students presenting.

CINETIC Inauguration Ceremony

20th October’16 marked the inauguration of the Business Incubation Centre of NED University, CINETIC , which is first incubator in Sindh backed by Higher Education Commission.

The Director of Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization gave away the opening speech where he also covered the story of how ORIC started small and to now where it stands on its way of building up empires on various domains. The acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Tufail took over to speak in front the audience that comprised of various notable industrialists, directors from different universities, NED University’s esteemed faculty and to our surprise, NED University’s Ex- Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Muzaffar Mehmood.

Stage was also given to the startup incubates. The young CEO’s shared their business ideas and experience with CINETIC. This garnered high levels of interest from all of the audience as they learnt to see the new and innovative concepts from the mind of students.

Mr. Asad Jaffer, the CEO of Philips was in the front line to inaugurate the CINETIC building as he cutted the ribbon. All the guests particularly were particularly moved to see the creative wall of CINETIC and more by the fact that it was all painted and designed by the team itself!