Activities at a Glance

ORIC-NEDUET organizes and facilities various activities not only on student level but faculty level as well. The Office has also been reaching out to institutions all over Pakistan for collaborative efforts.

Exploring Opportunities: A session by Bilal Qureshi

NED Entrepreneurship Society in collaboration with NED Wadhwani Foundation and MIT Entreprise Forum fo Pakistan arranged a seminar featuring Bilal Qureshi. Mr. Qureshi has won Business Accelaration Program and is an entrepreneur himself. He provided guidance to aspiring entrepreurs on basics and needs of a successful startup

He also encouraged students to bring their final year projects to address the problems of society therefore they can turn them into successful business models. He also encouraged students to innovate solutions.

ORIC-NEDUET signs MoU with Viscous

ORIC-NEDUET taken Viscous under incubation at CINETIC. Viscous is a starup company offering 3D printing, modeling, designing and assembling solutions to its clients.

ORIC-NEDUET signs MoU with OpenMic

OpenMic is a campus company working under ORIC to foster the culture of public dialogue amongst engineering students and promoting social inclusion at the campus.

Digital Marketing Workshop by NES

NED Entrepreneurship Society and MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan arranged a workshop on "How to use digital tools for success?". The session expert was Kanwal Masroor who delivered aspiring entrepreneurs an overview of how to develop an effective social and digital marketing campaign.

The session explored the understanding towards key tools for social media marketing, identification of the right social and digital strategies. The session also discussed the use of SEO, Google AdWords, email marketing, etc